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Game by Lucian Kahn

Squirrel art by Nate Treme


You are a Gossip Squirrel! That’s a real live talking squirrel who loves to gossip!

In this game, you will walk (or wheel) around your neighborhood alone, talking to animals, plants, and inanimate objects and telling other animals, plants, and inanimate objects what they said.

As a squirrel, you speak many languages of the streets, so you have the option of talking out loud, in any sign language, with gestures, or even with the power of your thoughts. You can also speak to the objects at any distance, with or without a mask.

The goal of this game is to experience the outside world, get some fresh air, move your body, and have a little imaginative fun during an isolating and stressful time.

You Will Need:

* 1 player (just yourself)

* 5 - 20 minutes

* All you need is these instructions, but you might want to print them out or write them down.

* Optional: a piece of paper & something to write with (you can take notes during play if you want, but you don’t have to).

Safety & Health:

This game was written and published during the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consult the latest reliable local information about COVID to decide how to play it safely.

And obviously, trust your doctor’s advice more than a roleplaying game about squirrels.

More Options:

* You can play in a wheelchair, as a car passenger, or any other way that gives you a view of the street.

* If your city is restricting movement to essential errands, you can play a short game on the way to the supermarket or pharmacy.

* If you can’t go outside, you may be able to play by looking out a street-facing window.


Gossip Squirrel was created in Brooklyn, New York during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA.


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this is such a cute concept! i can't wait to go play it