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game by Lucian Kahn, with cover art by Lawrence Gullo

You are a mummy in a crypt. You dream of your old life before death, or you awaken at night and prowl the city. Some nights, your linens become bandages for the wounded. Other nights, you draw blood. Rarely, so rarely, you reveal your true form. You confess your deeds to the silent tombs of your lovers. They awaken to purify you with a kiss of death.

for 5 - 15 mature adults

You will each need:

internet access and Discord (or an app with both group chat channels and private messages)

1 white 6-sided die, called Linen, to symbolize your bandages

1 red 6-sided die, called Blood

a strong grasp on the differences between fiction and reality


Beware. This game is creepy, kinky, and designed for mature adults. Although this is a roleplaying game and not a BDSM scenario, the target player has at least intermediate-level experience, understanding, and comfort with BDSM consent negotiations.

This game draws heavily on the erotics of death. It involves reading and writing murderous supernatural horror in the middle of the night for a month. It also involves mummies kissing. This game may contain the following material: death, murder, gore, insomnia, forbidden romance, macabre Catholicism, and mummy sex.

If any of this is likely to give you nightmares (not in the fun way) or damage your mental health, don’t play this game. If you don’t enjoy playing evil or morally ambiguous characters, you won’t enjoy this game. Safety tools are included to help you continuously modulate the intensity and content of your horror and/or easily exit the game at any time. If you begin to feel unwell, stop playing.

Don’t do this game’s fictional activities in real life, with or without mummies.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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