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Elf Genders is a worldbuilding tool for creating your own new systems of fantasy genders. Most humans are women, men, or nonbinary, but maybe elves are… something else? Elf Genders helps you decide what!

Elves are the example culture, but you can use these techniques to create a new system of genders for Dragons, Orcs, Fae, Werewolves, or any other fantasy creatures.

Want to brighten up your fantasy RPGs with vivid, complex gender options? Generate these setting and lore details before you start a campaign or one-shot of any fantasy tabletop RPG, from Dungeons & Dragons to the latest indie games. 

You Will Need:

* Any number of players, including 1. 

* A set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) or online dice roller. 

* For multi-player sessions: a method for shared note-taking, such as Google Docs (if playing online) or a designated scribe (if playing in person).


Lucian Kahn โ€“ writing & game design

Jabari Weathers โ€“ cover illustration

Nathan D. Paoletta โ€“ layout


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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